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Hello world!

Nice to meet you whoever you are! I grateful you for visiting my own website!
Give me a few minutes to introduce myself.

My name is Vitaly but in web I use nickane SINILIAN. It’s dificult question what this nickaname mean… I don’t know really. Let’s consider it a mysterious mystery. So… I was born in Ukraine in one of the epic old towns that have many Middleage building, 100% really big castle (beautiful, don’t you think?) and a lot of impressive historic monuments.

I have goot artist education and I have bakalavr degree of restoration of easel painting (and master degree I could have gotten it, but I didn’t finish the training becouse open for myselg cool gamedev world).

For the last more than five years I have been working with different online communities of games or gamers. Now I try to return for digital painting and wants to make my own indie game.

For this time I traveling a little bit and working remote.

Work experience

I have a big working experience as Games Community Manager and SMM. In the past I worked with browser strategy games and MMO. One of my beloved projects is Next Day: Survival and World of Sea Battle.

I olso worked as SMM manager in services for gamers. It’s been three years I share my love to users of one of the leaders of the CS:GO case opening websites. It fantastic to meet a lot cool people who surround me everywhere!

Now I working with creativity productiong for marketing and have way for improve my new skills to the highest level. I believe that I will succeed!

Hobbies & Activity

I love depict sci-fi with drawing pencils and rulers on my sketchbooks. And one more cool step of my art activity is pen tablet from Wacom. It’s amazing equipment wich open for me mystiq digital painting world.
In free time I trying to make fan art for Star Wars: The Old Republic, wirting fanfiction about Star Wars (learn more about it but only on Russian language) and creating own indie games. Well… I trying to make indie games with my old friend. But it seems that it doesn’t turn out very well.

One more important thinks that I do is a volunteering as administrator of one of the largest indie gamedev communities in CIS that named ForgeGG. Like a forge of indie games.

How to contact me

I free for email via (it’s priority method) or you also can contact me on Telegram: @sinilian

My social pages

Me in prince Arcann outfit from Eternal Empire (Zakuul). Artwork by yashmel.

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