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Own stories about legendary universe

The Star Wars is the favorite universe for me. It’s a true saga about legendary heroes a true saga that accompanying me all my life. I was start my relationship with Star Wars from novelization of A New Hope that I found in my dad’s library many years ago.

I have big way in SW saga – books, films, cartoon series, comics and games. I will nevef forgot about “around the survivors a perimeter create” and this battle on the Petranaki arena that was be one of the epic fails of Jedi Order command, or his another bad planned operation on Jabiim that was a good example of true side of fictitious of the light side position of the Jedi Order and democracy from the Republic. Raid on the Jedi Temple and follow-up of this battle between Falled Padawan and Devoted Master there is one of the saddest arcs of the story. And Empire’s age. Age of the Peace and Order. Yeah…

But especial place of my life take stories of the old times about time when the Sith Empire and the Old Republic shared a map of the galaxy.

I love all sided of thic far conflict. But yeah, the favite path is a Eternal Empire of Zakuul. You also can see it on thie page XD

When I have oportunity I play SWTOR on Darth Malgus server. But that’s rare these days and all free time I trying to share on creativity and build own art stories too.

I believe that you will find here something that will interest you.

Look around you. Zakuul is poised to become the greatest civilization in the history of the galaxy. I have forged this empire to surmount all of my previous works. To span eternity.

―Valkorion, to the Outlander