Vitaliy Vitkovskiy
I am

a 2D artist.

a game designer.

a indie gamedeveloper.

a community manager.

About Me

Hello, I’m a Vitaliy, artist and developer from Ukraine.
I want to work with interesting projects, with hope, with love, with the new generation. If you have an interesting project, If you have an idea, If you have hope, If you want to create some new - I can, I must help you.
We can change the world.

My Experience
Community Manager
2019-Present | SOFF Games LLC

Now I work with steampunk MMO action the SteamCraft. I'm an international community manager and closed beta coordinator.

Community Manager
2018-2019 | Games Banner Network Inc

In GBN I worked with MMO BURNDOWN. It’s a post-apocalyptic vehicular combat action without compromise. My tasks: community, the Steam platform, work with Social Media (such as FaceBook, VK, Twitter and Instagram), news publishing, collection and systematization of reviews. I work with English and Russian community.

Lead Community Manager
2015-2017 | it Mozg LLC

In this company I worked with browser sci-fi MMORTS Xterium. I worked with social media and game forum. My tacks: community, game’s contests and events, volunteers (sometimes), feedbacks, bug reporting. I also lead the community department. Customized conditions of work, taught colleagues tried to made the world better. I worked with English and Russian community.

My Education
Kamianets Podilskiy National University
2015-2019 | restiration of art

I study in the Kamianets Podilskiy National University of Ivan Ogienko. My specialization is restoration and conservation of traditional art. One year I was the head of the group.

Kamianets Podilskiy Art College
2011-2014 | Interior&2D designer

I studied in Kamianets Podilskiy College of Art. My course is interior design and traditional art.

My Gamedev
Project Manager
2018-Present | MyPixel Games

In My Pixel Games I work with games management and game design. We work with 3D action game the Pixel Cops now. More info here:

Project Manager
2018-2019 | County Stories

In this project, I was curator from the beginning of 2018 until 2019. I was management, made plans, worked with partners and staff.

Project Manager & Game Designer
2017-2019 | Star Elevation Universe

It's my big dream ^)

Personal Skills
  • Communication
  • Team Work
  • Desire for change
  • Activity
Professional Skills
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Game design
  • Community Support
  • 2D Art
My Portfolio
Sci-fi warrior
by Photoshop + Grafic tablet
Darth Vader. Rogue One fanart
by Photoshop + Grafic tablet
Sci-fi space pilot
by Photoshop + Grafic tablet
by Photoshop + Grafic tablet
by Photoshop + Grafic tablet
Space invision
by Photoshop + Grafic tablet
Traditional art
by black pen
Traditional art
by black pen
Traditional art
by black pen
Star Elevation
Sci-fi universe
Empire is coming
by Photoshop + Grafic tablet
Death city
by Photoshop + Grafic tablet
Attention! FIRE!
by Photoshop + Grafic tablet
Oh . . .
by Photoshop + Grafic tablet
We are return!
by Photoshop + Grafic tablet
Empire Strikes Back
by Photoshop + Grafic tablet
Traditional art
by black pen
Traditional art
by black pen
Traditional art
by black pen
Traditional art
by black pen
Pixel Cops
MyPixel Games
My Blog
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